We are getting ready to go


Our last trip has come to an end, more to come in future blogposts. Now we are getting ready for our next adventure. This time we are tackling the Italian and Austrian mountains. We counted, that we’ll drive 3500 + km on this route. This time we are familiar with the van and it feels […]

6 September 2018

Choosing the perfect van


What kind of a van should you buy? Choosing the perfect van is time consuming. The destination and amount of time spent on the road sets different standards on a van. Especially if you intend to live in the van for longer periods of times, it’s worth doing the research and searching for that perfect […]

21 February 2018

Switzerland calling!


We drove through the scenic hills of the black forest towards Switzerland. We ended up making an overnight stop in Bern before continuing on towards the valley of Valais. We thought long and hard about our two route options. Either we drive through the west, driving around the Alps, or literally drive through the Alps. […]

10 February 2018

Gaggenau –German sauna culture uncovered

Places, Tips

After the buzz in the big city of Frankfurt, we felt the need to relax in a peaceful place. For some bizarre reason we decided that that place would be Gaggenau. The local Stellplatz (free parking space for vans) was equipped with electricity and was just on the town boarder. The cold weather continued, so […]

9 February 2018

The financial hub of Frankfurt Am Main

Places, Tips

Frankfurt was a new experience for both of us. Our expectations were not very high, as we thought of Frankfurt as a boring business center. We know that the stopover would be for a couple of days, and that the battery wouldn’t handle the heater for that long, as it was cold outside, so we […]

6 February 2018

The winter wonderland of Kassel


Our second stop along the way was Kassel. We drove up to the city late at night, and had hoped to reach a campsite, in order to have electricity all day. The weather was chilly and relying solely on the diesel heater felt a bit unsure. Once we reached Kassel, it turned out most campsites […]

4 February 2018

The harbor city of Hamburg -Our first stop

Food, Places, Tips

Germany, the land of the motorhome people. German’s do love their campers, and so, the possibilities around vanlife are great in Germany. There are numerous “Stellplatz” ( cheap overnight parking areas that offer electricity and/or toilet facilities for motorhomes.) As the weather was quite cold and we wanted electric heating in the van, we stuck […]

2 February 2018

On the boat to Germany. We are on our way!


All aboard! The van is fully packed, and we’re hoping we have all the essentials with us. We travelled to Germany by boat, Finnlines took us safely ashore. There are plenty of options to travel to and from Finland to mainland Europe. The Baltic Sea in the middle makes the Nordic countries a bit further […]

2 February 2018